Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ideas for Organizing the Shower

I have never been a fan of the organizers that hang over the shower head. They may work for others, but not me. Nor have I had much luck with those that work on vertical tension rods that fit in the corner of the shower. I am much more of a suction cup girl!

Each member of my family gets their own shower suction cup storage bin for their own products. Each is responsible for letting me know what they are running out of before they run out. (nd when they do run out, they are responsible for recycling the container.) I drill a few extra larger holes in the bottom of each of these bins to ensure they don't get gunky and I pull them out once a month or so and blast them clean.

Here's a quick look at my shower in tons of gory detail:

There is a single fog-free mirror for everyone to use, and there are places for everyone's razors and shaving gear:

There are only four of us, but there are always five razors? We are working on that.

The bar of soap sits in a well-vented suction holder so it does not get soft and nasty. And there are suction hooks for a shower poof, a shower comb, and foot scrubbing paraphernalia. Everything has a set place and it keeps everything neat and easy to clean. Nothing on the ledges, nothing on the edges. 

I love how easy this is to maintain. Hope you find it helpful.


  1. I really like these suction cup ideas. I hate gunk in the shower. This looks like it would be much easier to keep clean. Where can I find the suction soap holder? It looks like it also would work for a pumice stone and nail brush. Thanks!

  2. Patty, where did you get the cool razor caddy?

    1. I bought mine at Target. They are on sale this week for less than $10.